EarthVPN's New Upgrade - What's the Difference?

EarthVPN’s New Upgrade…
What’s the Difference?

EarthVPN today announced a large upgrade to their software and infrastructure – great news for current users and something well worth considering if you haven’t decided on a VPN service yet.

Earth are already a relatively well-established brand – trading out of Northern Cyprus since 2012. They’ve been an affordable, if somewhat lightweight, option for years and have a great reputation for solid, no-frills privacy protection. So is this latest upgrade more of the same, or a step in a new direction?

What’s New?

There are three main changes worth noting:

  1. Improved network infrastructure:
    Earth have expanded their network to now include over 430 servers at 190 locations in 54 countries – a boost of over 20 new countries. These include some popular choices such as Denmark, Mexico and South Korea, as well as a raft of other locations. While this expansion still won’t see them competing with the largest providers any time soon, when you consider the low price point this is some of the best coverage available. Even better, we’re assured that the upgrade should see an improvement in server speeds – which were already on par with more expensive providers.
  2. Brand new software for Windows and Mac:
    No-one wants to spend ages fiddling with settings to try to connect to a VPN provider – who needs that hassle? With this latest upgrade EarthVPN introduce fantastic new one-click apps for Windows and Mac users, making it easier than ever to get online safely. The new software is a huge improvement on their previous offering and makes connecting to the VPN extremely quick. While there is currently no app available for iOS or Android, they’ve assured us that these are in the works and should arrive imminently.
  3. Speed/Latency testing:
    You can now test which server locations are best optimized for you before connecting. Fed up with web pages loading fine one minute and slowing to a crawl the next? Or tired of waiting forever for dowloads or buffering? EarthVPN’s new testing tool should go some way to making these irritations a thing of the past.


So to conclude,  this upgrade isn’t going to make earth-shattering differences to the already-good user experience this smaller provider offers – but it goes a long way towards bolstering EarthVPN’s position as a high quality, low-cost provider.

You can connect to EarthVPN from as little as $3.33 (about £2.35) per month – there really aren’t many providers out there who offer this level of service at such a low price!

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